There are many things that you should avoid buying from a thrift store. These things are generally tampered with and may not work. Things like mattresses and upholstered headboards may not be clean. You may even find food contaminated. Cookwear can contain greasy residue and water bottles have hard-to-clean areas. It’s important to be careful when you buy these items. Read on for some tips.

Avoid buying mattresses

Many thrift store shoppers find that a great way to save money is to purchase items that are used or slightly used, but this is not always a good idea. Purchasing a used mattress can be risky because it is likely to be contaminated with dirt, skin cells, or other organisms. In addition, buying a mattress that is used can expose you to various pests. Read on to learn why it’s a bad idea to buy a mattress from a thrift store.

While many thrift stores clean their products before selling them, they do not clean them inside. That means that bed bugs may be hiding inside. Because they can hide and hitchhike, bed bugs can get in and out of a used mattress. Additionally, you may not know the age or construction of a mattress. A used mattress may be just as old as it was when it was donated. Even if a mattress has a full year of life left in its springs, bed bugs are often present.

Avoid buying upholstered headboards

When it comes to buying secondhand furniture, upholstered headboards are no exception. While it’s possible to save a lot of money by purchasing gently used upholstered items, you also run the risk of getting bedbugs. Bedbugs are known to tend to inhabit upholstered items, and they’re especially common in bedroom furniture. To protect yourself from bedbug infestation, take the time to inspect the items thoroughly before purchasing them.

Don’t buy heavily used furniture unless you’re prepared to do some reupholstering. Thrift store upholstered furniture will be uncomfortable to sit on and may have worn pillows. While it may be possible to patch minor damages, it can cost you more than the savings you’ll get by thrifting. If you’re unsure, visit several thrift stores and consignment shops. Also, check out flea markets in your area to avoid being duped by a cheap piece.

Avoid buying upholstered pillows

While you may get a great deal when you buy used upholstered furniture from a thrift store, there are some things to be wary of. These items could harbor dangerous things. Some of them are hidden under the fabric, and they can even be life-threatening for people with allergies. Therefore, only buy used furniture that you can thoroughly clean. In order to protect yourself, follow these tips:

If you find a pillow that looks shabby and is made of cotton or synthetic materials, you should avoid it. These materials can harbor 17 different kinds of fungus. Rather than risk buying used pillows, you should buy a new one. Second-hand beauty products and personal care items can transfer germs and cause allergic reactions. Sharing lip products can also cause conjunctivitis.